Many solutions have been suggested but none have come to fruition as of this date.
One popular solution that is being proposed is enacting amendments at a Convention of States, in accordance with Article V of the U.S. Constitution which states:
Article V The amending powers of the Constitution
1. amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by thirds of both Houses or
2. Legislatures of two thirds of the several States call a convention
3. Amendments are ratified by three-fourths of the several States or conventions
4. No amendment affecting Article 1. Section 9. Clauses 1&4 will be made prior to 1808 (Note: This clause is now obsolete and only of historical interest)
5. No State shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in Senate
(A fact that is greatly overlooked today is that the states formed the federal government not vice versa.)
However, there are those who are concerned about the ability to control such a convention and the effectiveness of any amendments rendered. The Citizens Constitutional Caucus believes that these concepts are worthy of a healthy debate, retro the original Founding Father debates.
Therefore, The Citizens Constitutional Caucus is hosting a COS debate in Raleigh on April 12th, “Defend or Amend”; that is the question to be answered. We hope that you will join us. We are anticipating numerous potential and current legislators to be in attendance as they strive to cement their position on this issue.
We have confirmation that, Jim Kinney from the national office, as well as the NC Legislative Liaison Gary Lyons, will be presenting the Pro COS position.
The Con Cos position will be presented by Jeff Lewis, the Co-founder of the Patriot Coalition, and Richard D. Fry, nationally renowned constitutional attorney.
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