Synopsis of first quarterly meeting

The Citizens Constitutional Caucus held our first quarter meeting Feb. 22-23.

On Friday, Feb. 22, we had a round-table discussion with state coordinators from Tennessee and Georgia. Brenda Lenard will be organizing a CCC chapter in Tennessee. LaNell Babbage-Torres will be organizing in Georgia. In addition, Lisa Babbage will be coordinating CCC activities of college students and young adults in Georgia.

The next day we conducted a three-part program following the educate, legislate, active model. This included presentations on Agenda 21, particularly activities by Orange County commissioners, as well as the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and the National Defense Authorization Act. The caucus agreed to conduct further research on these topics with the goal of developing legislation to present to the N.C. General Assembly.

The caucus did approve legislation drafted by Jeff Lewis of the Patriot Coalition, which would declare that North Carolina “is not a battlefield subject to the Laws of War.”

Sonja Holmes reported she had a request from one legislator to look into the issue of extraterritorial jurisdiction. This is the power the General Assembly grants to municipalities to regulate development outside their boundaries, without having to get the “consent of the governed,” the people affected by the rules. The caucus agreed to develop legislation in this area as well.

The primary work of the CCC will be conducted through a system of task forces. These are the task forces already in place:

Farm & Forest – Sonja Holmes  and Katherine Bredenhoeft

2nd Amendment – James Hill  and Roger Lytle

Education – Bill Moore

NC College/Young Adults – Jordan Hennessy

Tenn. College/Young Adults – Lisa Babbage

Sheriff’s United – Glen Bradley

Citizen’s Legislator Contact – Jacqueline Esslinger  and Katherine Bredenhoeft-

Join the action. If you are interested in serving on one of these task forces please contact the task force coordinator.

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