Citizens Constitutional Caucus growing rapidly

In the few months since the Citizens Constitutional Caucus was formed and held our first meeting Dec. 1, 2012, we’ve grown very quickly and been encouraged by the growth and acceptance our organization has experienced.

Not only do we have members in North Carolina from “Murphy to Manteo,” with outreach coordinators in 24 counties, we’ve established companion groups in four other states: Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas.

We have also been officially endorsed by a number of other organizations including the Patriot Institute, the Patriot Coalition, Ag Freedom, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, Constitutional Alliance Fund-PAC, the Christian Party of America and the Christian Party of North Carolina.

The Citizens Constitutional Caucus has also been featured in articles by Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum and the Raleigh Libertarian Examiner.

We’ve been most encouraged by the list of Constitutional legislators we have either identified or who have contacted us directly. They are: Rep. John Bell, Rep. Bill Cook, Rep. Michael Speciale, Rep. Bob Steinburg, Rep. Mark Brody, Rep. Larry Pittman, Rep. Mike Hager, Rep. Chris Millis, Rep. Mark Hollo, Rep. Jon Hardister, Rep. David Lewis, Rep. Jason Saine, Rep. Mike Stone, Rep. Pat McElraft, Rep. Harry Warren, Rep. Carl Ford, Rep. Roger West, Rep. James Langdon, Rep. Ted Davis, Rep. Rick Catlin, Sen. Thom Goolsby, Sen. Brent Jackson, and Sen. Ron Rabin.

In addition to hold private meetings with several of them, we have had Citizens Constitutional Caucus representatives speak at events with certain legislators.

Jeff Lewis, Glen Bradley and others have written legislation for NC and other states, i.e., NDAA, Agenda 21, etc.

Some legislators have contacted us requesting we develop specific legislation for them, and one asked us to provide resources he could use for constitutional presentations in his district.

In the coming months, we plan on holding “town hall” meetings with legislators, and potentially a press conference, in the Legislative Building in Raleigh on days the General Assembly is in session.

The caucus has set up several task forces to work on specific issues and projects. The groups formed so far include: Second Amendment; Farm, Forest, and Property Protection; Education; ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) in Orange County; Social Media, College Outreach, and; Sheriffs United.

Finally, the Caucus has set up a web site, recorded introductory videos for the website, begun publishing an electronic newsletter, and produced promotional materials for your perusal.

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