Know Your Constitution. Know Your Rights – September 17th

What is the relevance of the constitution in your life? Is it relevant to you? Do you have questions about the constitution? Bring your constitution questions and/or your response to constitutional questions as we commemorate the signing of the “Constitution for the United States.”

September 17th

moderating an informal constitution dialogue. A list of pertinent questions will be issued and discussed, e.g.: our newest NCCP member, Frank Livingston, will be


1. What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

2. The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence explains the foundation of Individual Liberty. What is that foundation (2 laws)?

3. The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence explains the relationship between We the People and government in the United States. What is that relationship?Also a detailed outline of the constitution will be given to all preregistered attendees. To register and reserve your copy email

O/L Example:

Outline of the Constitution

Preamble: – “We the people… hold the power… in Order to form a more perfect Union… to …secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

Article I – The Legislative Branch:

1.1 – Legislative authority & composition of Congress

1.2 – The House of Representatives

1.2.1 – Election and term of members

1.2.2 – Qualification of members

1.2.3 – Apportionment of representatives, direct taxes & census

Note: The 16th did not change apportionment rules for direct taxation

Note: Obsoleted by the 13th & superseded by the 14th sec 2

1.2.4 – Filling House vacancies

1.2.5 – Selection of officers and impeachment charge authority

1.3 – The Senate

1.3.1 – Number and election of members

Note: Superseded by the 17th sec 1

1.3.2 – Terms split into three classifications

Note: Final clause superseded by the 17th sec 2

1.3.3 – Qualification of Senators

1.3.4 – Vice President is President of the Senate and has a “Casting Vote”

1.3.5 – Selection of other officers

Note: See 25th

1.3.6 – Authority to try impeachment’s

1.3.7 – Limited judgment in cases of conviction


6:30 – 7:00 PM

Constitution Fellowship Meal

7:00 – 8:30



Captain Stanley’s Seafood Restaurant

3333 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC


Was there Devine guidance in the Founding Documents, the Founders called it “Manifest Destiny”? The Scriptures were Divinely Inspired, thus the teaching of the Scriptures and the Founding Documents in unison seem to be a very logical approach to enhancing the meaning and understanding of each.

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